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Shamanic Workshops and Events
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Edie Stone, MA, LPC

Certified Shamanic Journey Guide since 1995
Teacher and Mentor, Shamanic Journey Guide Trainings
Pachakuti Mesa Level IV Apprentice of don Oscar Miro-Quesada

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October Events and Workshops,  2008

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Shamanic Events, October, 2008

Earth-honoring practictes for personal & planetary healing from Peruvian & Celtic traditions

October 17 & 19, 2008
Caritas Spiritist Center
Boulder, Colorado

Wisdom teachings for these troubled times
from the Mayan Calendar, Celtic visions,
Andean mystical traditions, and Pachakuti Mesa shamanic practices.

    Join together to set intention and create change for personal, community, and planetary healing.

Friday, October 17, FREE INTRO, 7:30 pm

Sunday workshop, October 19, 10 am-5 pm
$80 ($75 prior to Oct. 10)
Credit cards accepted with advanced registration.

RSVP: guide@shamanicjourneys.net or 303-415-3755

Location: Caritas Spiritist Center
3775 Iris Ave., Suite 3B, Boulder, CO 80301
Directions & Map: http://www.caritasspiritistcenter.org/Caritas_map.pdf

You may have heard dire predictions about year 2012, but in this workshop we will explore paths to a positive future, with the goals of contributing to an awakening of consciousness and creating a global shamanic, Earth-honoring culture.

Friday introduction, 7:30 pm, by donation

Friday evening will start with a short overview of the astronomical alignments in 2012 and themes from the Mayan calendar.  We will also compare Merlin's prophesies and other Celtic legends about this time of change.  Then we will explore positive views of the future from Andean mystical traditions and Peruvian shamanic practices. 

Sunday Workshop, 10 am - 5 pm, $80

In this experiential workshop you will:
• Learn Earth-honoring practices for personal and planetary healing from Peruvian shamanic traditions
    Limpias - personal cleansings
        Despacho - create an offering for the Earth
        Apacheta - create a cairn for Earth healing
• Cultivate sacred reciprocity:  Rituals for Mother Earth
• Receive luminous energy rites of the Q’ero Indians
• Learn lesson from Condor, Eagle, Owl & Dragon:
        Rebalancing masculine & feminine
        Reconnecting mind, heart & body
• Explore remedies for cultural soul-loss               
• Re-vision the future

The workshop will focus on Peruvian shamanic traditions, but we will also honor the native wisdom material of ancient Britain, with an introduction to the life and prophetic visions of Merlin.  This is not the familiar Merlin of Authurian romance, but the primal Merlin, the Welsh Merlin, who emerges from the writings of Geoffrey of Monmouth.  We will also listen to the ancient wisdom embedded in the Welsh folk tale of the Marriage of Eagle and Owl.
    NEW: Edie will share recent experiences in Wales, including a pilgrimage to Dinas Emrys, the mountain where Merlin confronted King Vortigern.

Pachakuti Mesa carriers please bring a small mesa.

Newcomers should bring the following items to create their personal mesa (floor altar):

•  A special cloth, approximately 1 foot to 2 feet square, to serve as their mesa cloth.  "Special" can mean beautiful, magical, ancestral, Peruvian, Celtic, etc.
•  Objects that embody the Four Sacred Directions and Elements: a stone, a shell and/or bowl for water, feathers, a white candle (and adequate drip plate!)
•  An object for the Sacred Center:  a personally meaningful sacred object.
•  Other objects such as crystals, votive candles, a staff or talking stick, and personal sacred objects or medicine pieces that you have created, been given, or found in nature are also welcome.

Call 303.415.3755
to register for workshop

Or email guide@shamanicjourneys.net
Credit cards accepted for advanced registration.
Save $5 if you register by Friday, Oct. 10.

Edie Stone, MA, is a Pachakuti Mesa Teacher and a Level IV Apprentice of don Oscar Miro-Quesada.  She has been studying with don Oscar since 1999, and with other indigenous teachers from North and South America over the past 30 years.

Edie also values the wisdom and vision of her Celtic ancestors. She has studied with Frank Owen MacEowen, Tom Cowan, Mara Freeman, Geo Cameron, and is currently studying Celtic and British mystical traditions with R J Stewart at The StarHouse near Boulder.  Edie taught Ancient Wisdom for Personal and Planetary Healing: Peruvian Shamanism and Celtic Traditions in Colorado and Wales, 2006-2007.  She returned to Britain in the summer of 2008, to teach 2012: Co-Creating a Conscious Future: Peruvian Shamanism, Celtic Visions, and the Mayan Calendar.

How do Merlin's prophecies relate to the Mayan calendar?

September 17, 2008

Free Open House

Heart Vision Shamanic Journeys
with Edie Stone

Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2008.  7 pm
Discussion and short journey.

Follow your soul's path ...
... discover your ancient wisdom

Discover this gentle, grounded method of entering an expanded state of consciousness and meeting your own Spirit Guides and Animal Allies.

You will learn safe, easy, and effective ways to connect to spiritual guidance and healing energy.

If you are new to shamanic journeys, this will be a comfortable place to start. Bring your questions and curiosity.

If you are familiar with journeying, come experience a more body-centered form and learn about other shamanic practices to benefit Mother Earth.

Please RSVP, as space is limited.
Email reservation by Sept. 16 to guide@shamanicjourneys.net
or call by noon, Sept. 17 to 303-415-3755

2027 Broadway, Suite H
Boulder, CO 80302
1/2 block north of Pearl Street Mall,
     downstairs, below Om Time Yoga

 What will I experience in a Heart Vision Journey?

Chakra Journey Workshop, 2008

October 3
Friday, 7 pm
Free Introduction

October 4
10 am - 5 pm
10% discount if you register by 9/26

2027 Broadway, Suite H
Boulder, CO 80302

Meet the Spirit Guides of your chakras
Shamanic wisdom for body and soul
  • deepen your personal path
  • reconnect with spirit guides
  • discover power animals
  • expand your body-mind awareness

Register Now:
10% discount if you register by Sept. 26
Credit cards accepted for advanced registration.

Edie Stone, MA, LPC
Certified Shamanic Journey Guide
since 1995

Chakra Animals


We open our hearts to the world in love and compassion.
We call on all beings to come together to remember unity and respect
for Mother Earth and all Creation.
We honor our ability to respond in a spirit of tenderness, playfulness, and delight.

Recent Shamanic Events:

Portal to a Green Future

Portal to a Green Future.  Photo ©Edie Stone 2008


The following information is about individual or group journeys in the beautiful and powerful method of Heart Vision Shamanic Journeys.

CALL 303-415-3755 or email me at guide@shamanicjourneys.net
for more information and to schedule a session.

Heart Vision Shamanic Journeys

Look within ...
   Meet your Spirit Guides
   Recover your power
   Retrieve and nurture your soul
   Heal your past lives
   ... with Heart Vision Shamanic Journeys

Explore Heart-Centered Shamanic Wisdom Teachings
with Edie Stone, MA
Certified Shamanic Journey Guide
since 1995
[Meet Your Spirit Guides]


What will I experience in a Heart Vision Journey?


Learn to journey with the gentle, relaxing method of Heart Vision Shamanic Journeys.  First we will set a clear intention for your journey.  I will help you start with relaxation and some guided imagery.  Your body will reconnect with the healing energy of the Earth.  Your breath will deepen as you let go of tension and breathe in the beauty and spaciousness of the Sky.  Then you will follow your inner vision (and/or other inner senses and flows of energy) as you connect with Spirit Guides, Animal Allies, Ancestors, or other healing presences.  You will return with gratitude and increased awareness of the healing power of this path of ancient wisdom.

Individual instruction and guidance also available.  Call 303.415.3755 to schedule a private appointment.


Teacher Information

[Edie Stone]


Edie Stone, MA, LPC,
is a psychotherapist and Certified Shamanic Journey Guide.

She has been developing the Heart Vision Shamanic Journey process for over 10 years in her private practice and with spiritual groups in Colorado and Wales.  She has taught skills for guiding shamanic journeys to psychotherapists and hypnotherapists since 2004.  She presented "Shamanism and Psychotherapy" at several professional counseling conventions and seminars, 2004-2006.

Edie has been journeying since 1992, when she took a workshop with Stephen Gallegos, PhD, originator of The Personal Totem Pole Process®.  She was certified in 1995 as a Shamanic Journey Guide from The Center for Spiritual Shamanic Studies, with Kayla Moonwatcher, Director.  Edie has guided clients on many wonderful journeys in her professional practice as psychotherapist, soul-centered counselor, and shamanic journey guide.

Edie has been studying with Oscar Miro-Quesada since 1999, and with other indigenous teachers over the past 30 years. She also values the wisdom and vision of her Celtic ancestors. She traveled to Europe in 2006, to attend an international conference on Shamanism and Healing in Austria.  She then traveled to Britain, and gave presentations and a workshop in Wales on Peruvian Shamanism and Celtic Traditions

For more information, you can visit Edie's main pages at:


To learn more about Oscar Miro-Quesada and the THOTH Foundation, visit:

www.MesaWorks.com and www.HeartOfTheHealer.org

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